Welcome to my blog about Hawaiian coffee. After a recent trip to Hawaii (me and my girlfriend save up so we can go every year), I’ve decided to see if I can try every coffee that Hawaii has to offer. I have about twenty five coffees under my belt so far, which leaves me with about 60 varieties to choose from. 

A lot of people ask me: which Hawaiian coffee is best? This may be the logical part of me, but I have a hard time answering it because no one is really qualified to answer it. I have tasted roughly 25 coffees, which puts me probably in the 95th percentile when it comes to experience with this coffee. 

This is a good ‘getting started’ article for those looking to try out some Hawaii coffee (kona coffee in particular): http://www.konacoffeebuzz.com/best-kona-coffee-100?

I actually have a ‘wall of coffee’ that I’m building. I take the packages of each of the kona coffees I’ve sampled and put them on a wall. I came up with the idea after I’d already thrown away a few, so it is by no means ‘complete’. 

coffees of hawaii

this is a small section of it. I’ll post the whole wall soon!